Student Management System

Manage student life cycle from pre-admissions to graduation. Improve accuracy of your student data, and ensure ready availability of data to the right staff, all the while being absolutely certain that your student records are absolutely secure. Allow teachers to quickly identify a student's problem areas and provide them with necessary guidance to improve.

Student Management System
Student Management System

Manage Pre-admissions & Admissions

Customize pre-admission management to suit the process that you need, with custom forms and built-in lead management style system. Upload and store all necessary documents in the profile. Upon admission, the same data seamlessly transitions to a new student profile.

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Feedbacks & Surveys

Enquiry Management

Centrally store all inquiries from all sources prior to starting selection process.

Secure Information Storage

Custom Form Builder

Create data entry points necessary in student profiles for your admission process.

Job Interview Management

Counselor & Interviews

Assign counselors to each case and add their notes to file.

Cloud ERP System

Bulk Upload Students

Upload student profiles in bulk and instantly add them to the system if required.

School Administration Software

Upload Student Documents

Upload & store student documents such as birth certificates securely with their applications.

Student ID card creator

Auto-generate ID Cards & Passes

Post-admission documents for selected candidates auto generated.

School Administration ERP

Student Academic Assessment

From examinations to assignments to daily classroom participation, manage and track student performance. Use intuitive visuals to identify lacking performance and help students achieve their true potential.

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Student Result Management

Multiple Grading Systems Supported

Use CCE, ICSE, CWA or GPA. Instant grade conversions for report submissions to education boards.

Student evaluation System

Customize Evaluation Criteria

Define weightage of each curricular & extra curricular component to auto-generate final grade.

Student Management System

Manage Assignments & Homework

Easily distribute and grade assignments. Allow students to access resources via student portal.

Create Test with School ERP

Examination Management

Manage exams & grades with ease.

school data management ERP

Student Performance Reports

Intuitive color-coded charts to quickly understand student, class or batch performance.

School ERP with Print access

Custom Printable Report Cards

One-click print-ready final & term report cards. Auto-upload to student & parent portal.

Job Application Management

Transfer Certificates

Generate instant transfer certificates and select details from any relevant details from student records.

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Student Management System

Attendance Management

Rapid attendance feature, absence notification to parents, & upload leave applications.

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ERP with data security

Secure Student Information Storage

Best-in-class security to ensure that the data of your students stays secure. Save their information along with copies of physical documents. Role-based system access ensures you only share the relevant portions of the student files with any staff member.

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School Data Management ERP

Maintain Detailed Student Records

Maintain complete academic records of your students. Keep track of their examination grades and assignment assessment. Add custom remarks to student files along with details of all their grades. Make student records available to parents and students via their web portals and mobile apps.

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Student management system

Recruitment & Placement Management

Enable quick communication with companies that visit your campus, organize placement events & trainings, and generate quick placement reports.

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ERP for eLearning

Alumni Management

Manage your alumni network and ensure continued communication with your graduates.

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Performance Reports