Administration & Human Resources Management

Empower your administrative staff to spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and run your school more efficiently. Automate processes and simplify data flows to make management easier.

Admin & HR Management
organization Performance Reports

Manage Multiple Departments

Create and manage employees across multiple departments.

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Employee Attendance & Leaves

Create Multiple Employee Roles

Create multiple roles within departments for more control.

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Employee File Management

Employee Management

Maintain a detailed employee file, with the ability to create custom data fields. Manage access to student data and other SSR modules via each employees portal. Manage leaves, salaries, meal plans and more.

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Student Management System

Employee Records

Maintain detailed employee records with cutomizable fields & document uploads.

Income & Expense Reporting

Payroll Management

Define pay structures, manage salaries & distribute pay slips.

School ERP Login

Employee Portal

Portal with custom access rules, inbox & calendar.

Hostel Management

Manage Employee Meal Plans

Create different staff meal plans & generate reports.

Auto-timetable Generation

Manage Employee Leaves

Keep a track of employee leaves and add it to their profile activity.

Data Management System

Generate Employee Reports

Keep track of employee performance and generate instant reports.

approval status

Manage Job Applications

Build and maintain database of potential job candidates for your school. Create custom fields to store data as well as store a copy of the applicant’s resume with their file. Track and manage the hiring process with ease.

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school data management system

Faculty Feedback & Student Surveys

Allow students to provide insights into the performance of your teachers and the efficacy of their teaching methods with custom faculty feedback forms. Additionally design and build custom surveys and allow students to participate via the students portal.

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Examination Management

Manage Holidays & School Events

Define school holidays, create school events and easily distribute the information via the SSR communication portal.

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Student ID card creator

ID Cards & Gate Passes

Auto-generate ID cards for students & employees. Generate gate passes for temporary visitors.

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Auto-timetable Generation